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Metal Laser Cutting Capabilities

Big Benefits of Laser Cutting

High Velocity fiber metal laser cutting expertise to manufacture precision custom sheet metal components has grown to become an extremely important component within the metal manufacturing sector. As opposed to having to invest money and time creating customized tools for turret punching equipment, our high speed fiber laser delivers precise and rapid fabrication without the necessity of tooling! Metal Werks fiber laser cutting services are ideal for precision sheet metal prototyping and production runs due to the fact the cost is significantly decreased by not having to build tools. Furthermore, the accuracy and reliability of your fiber laser is unparalleled! This means significantly less money, much less time, and higher quality components!

Our company offers a complete selection of manufacturing capabilities like punching, forming/bending, welding and rolling in order to meet every one of your manufacturing requirements. We provide our fabrication services all through the Pacific Northwest from Seattle to Bellingham, WA.

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Fiber 2.0 Technologies

With our Platino 2.0 Fiber 5 KW Laser we capable of cutting various materials and thicknesses up to 25mm of mild steel with high quality and efficiency as well as stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

Production increases with thin and medium gage sheet metal. Our Platino Fiber Laser has 5 KW of power and a duel 5 x 10 foot tables so we can easily fulfill all of our client's individual requirements.

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The Platino 2.0 Fiber Laser has many options to meet your needs!

Platino 2.0 Fiber Laser

The Platino 2.0 Fiber characterizes the evolution from the completely tested Platino platform by merging its dependability and overall flexibility with all the cutting-edge efficient laser beam technological innovation.

Platino 2.0 Laser is designed with the high-brilliance fiber laser and is equipped with 5 KW laser power, in order to meet clients' specific requirements.

It is well suited for a variety of materials, which include highly-reflective metals and substantial thickness mild steel. With reduced operating expenses as a result of energy-efficiency and diminished routine maintenance. User-friendly Single focusing lens system with automatic nozzle changer and uncomplicated programming software and Prima Power operator user interface.

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Principal Objective

Metal Werks principal objective is always to provide our clientele with quality outcomes for whatever we do. Now we have established an original whatever we do betterment strategy designed to improve results for our clients. To accomplish this objective, we work closely with every single client to better comprehend the unique difficulties involved with regard to their sheet metal fabrication project. Why not give us a call on your next laser cutting project and experience the Metal Werks difference.