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A Powerful Combination

Proven to Perform
Metal Werks, Inc is a very diverse precision sheet metal fabrication facility. The company is located in the Pacific Northwest just north of Seattle in Marysville, Washington. They offer their clients a powerful combination of fabrication services from start to finish. This is where the emphasis is always on quality, service and value, from prototypes to production runs. Where the on time delivery of quality parts is one of the most important components in this combination. Their clients have come to rely on the support Metal Werks supplies to facilitate in the development and success of their new products.

Communications are fundamental in building a good quality relationship. It also enhances the development and fabrication of quality precision sheet metal parts. A good flow of ideas between the fabricator and the client adds value and eliminates stress and aggravation. Through good communications their clients are free to focus on developing new products, with the confidence that they have all the support needed to advance and succeed.

Quality Without Compromise
Metal Werks also understands the importance of quality fabricated parts. That is why they have taken all the steps necessary to become ISO 9001 compliant. Therefore insuring their clients receive the highest quality fabricated parts without compromise.

Services Offered
A vast array of services are offered to meet just about every client's needs. Services like: Forming, Punching, Laser Cutting, Welding, Hardware, and Machining - just to mention a few.

Some of the materials they specialize in are stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, and yes of course, common steel.

Client Concerns
When speaking with new clients their concerns are always the same. Am I going to receive quality parts? Am I going to have on time deliveries? Not just in time or constantly late deliveries. And they want communication so they are not always kept in the dark about their order. Oh, and yes, price is always a major concern.

The sheet metal parts you order are in many cases the back bone of your company. And as such, the reality is if you can't get your product out on time, you lose in the market place.

Metal Werks understands it's hard enough to sustain, let alone grow your business in today's economy, without the added stress and aggravation of an abusive relationship with your fabricator.

Metal Werks always asks what can we do for you. They are always there to support you and your business.

Is your fabricator missing something?

Metal Werks, Inc promises to do their very best every time, however, they can't promise to be perfect every time. If a problem should ever arise, they will do everything in their power to quickly resolve it.
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Getting Down To Business
Why not take a closer look and see how Metal Werks can meet your unique challenges with their expertise. They hope you will be pleased in what you find.

Bigger Isn't Allways Better
Metal Werks may not be the largest precision sheet metal fabricator in the manufacturing industry, but they are large enough to get the job done with the quality and on time delivery you deserve. So why not give them a call you won't be disappointed!

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